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  2. As of Wednesday, September 18, 2019 we will no longer offer free plans that were introduced with web design services and other packaged deals. All customers will be moving to a monthly SaaS model starting on Wednesday. Due to us growing as a company we are reinventing ourselves and restructuring the services we provide. Please direct all comments and concerns to this thread.
  3. Hello all, Orici here with an update about our game and voice services, more specifically the future of these services. Over the past few months, we have been working with providers and internal staff to evaluate a new solution for hosting GameCloud. GameCloud was first launched around 2012, when we bought all new Dell CS "cloud" servers to host publicly available game and voice hosting services. Since that time, the GameCloud system has ran on a Windows HPC Server cluster spanning multiple nodes, massive storage arrays, and external acceleration systems (at that time, the Texas Instruments RAMSAN units). We have made many changes since then including moving to a new datacenter in Miami, changing the hypervisor system from HPC to a KVM / QEMU solution, and going to single, self contained nodes. However, the OS has always stayed the same: some version of Windows Server. The issue with this is that Windows Server is a pain to run and provision. As for modern software release approaches such as DevOps based CI/CD, containerization, and infrastructure as code? On Windows? Forget about it. I personally love Windows and hypervisor based virtualization, and have been using it pretty much since NT and the first release of ESX, however I feel that it's time for us to make a change. A lot of changes, actually. TC Admin The first major change is the software management wrapper that GameCloud is hosted on. As most people already know, we use TC Admin (a self-hosted game hosting platform) for service management and user interaction. We have had a very difficult time with TC Admin an thier support, while not as bad as some of the others we have seen, is not up the level that we are comfortable with. The product has also gotten very bulky and clunky. And most importantly, it does not support any kind of advanced deployments (simply a master -> multiple slave config). While I am not going to name the replacement product just yet, I will say that TC Admin is getting tossed and replaced with a container based solution that will run on Kubernetes. For those that don't know: Kubernetes is a container orchestration and hosting platform typically used to run microservices and docker containers. Containers, Kubernetes, and Service Provisioning: We will be using this configuration for the new GameCloud platform: - A multi-node, geo-distributed Kubernetes cluster on which the services will run on. - When a new game or voice instance is provisioned, a pod will spawn on Kubernetes that runs the requested instance. We are still in the process of designing this part and figuring out how things will work. One thing to figure out is how we will handle Teamspeak instances on the new platform. We are currently evaluating three possible options: 1. spawning Teamspeak instances on separate pods, 2. Having one instance with vServers, or 3. having a second platform / panel for Teamspeak services. - We are working with the vendor to design a system to connect the new hosting platform to our client area (which will also get an overhaul). We will have instant service provisioning for all game and voice servers. - Users will have complete visibility into their service, right down to the infrastructure. One complaint we have always had about TC Admin was that it's too basic and unreliable. New Facility During the past few months, we have not been happy with the facility that provides us with datacenter services. We have had multiple unexpected outages that were not communicated to us correctly (or sometimes at all). We have also been working in the background to establish a new entity that deals with managed hosting services. More on that later. Long story short, we are pursuing plans to migrate some of our services to a new facility on the east coast. This will be the first time we have planned to do this and it will allow us to do thing that we cannot do now. One of those things is direct network peering and having our peering platform. This will allow for better connectivity to our carriers, which translates in better connectivity to our customers. Those are the highlights about GameCloud changes. We will have more posts soon. ~ Orici
  4. Greetings all! GM Orici here with an update about the Teamspeak 3 public server ( Over the weekend, we migrated existing channels, icons, perms, etc. from the current server to a brand new instance running the latest version of Teamspeak. With this update, we have also made a lot of changes. So here is a list of the major ones: - New channel structure with updated texts to take advantage of BB code changes - Overhauled rank system. The higher ranks now have nametags as well. - Completely new icon sets. Users can now assign icons to their channels as well. - Added the player moderator and VIP ranks. - A bunch of back-end changes to the UHX System bot. - Network performance improvements (should equal to lower ping times) - Integrations are now enabled on the server (Twitch is default). - User controllable music bot is coming soon. - We will be making some bot commands available to users. Here is some Q&A: - My clan channel password got reset or the channel is not secured. This is normal. Because there was a server migration to a brand new instance, we do not migrate the channel passwords for VIP and user channels. Users will need to set a new password and set up their channel permissions. - How do bans work on the new instance? All bans (except permanent bans) have been cleared from the server. All user reputation and strikes have been reset back to 0. However, the staff will be watching closely for users that break the rules. If you were banned by an external system ("bad user" database) or by our IDS, those bans will still be there as they are "lifetime". - Is there a user interface or web panel for managing channels and the UHTS3P account? We are working on it. There will be a post on it soon. Fly safe! ~GM Orici
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    Hello everyone! I am Orici, aka Pavel. I am the CEO of Universal Hosting, LLC. and one of the original founders of the company. I started working in the hosting industry way back in 2009 and have been doing it ever since. I'm interested in pretty much anything to do with security, computers, technology, or physics. My days usually consist of staring at screens, working with electronics and doing various IT related things. More to come.
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