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Teamspeak Public Server Update

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Greetings all!

GM Orici here with an update about the Teamspeak 3 public server (

Over the weekend, we migrated existing channels, icons, perms, etc. from the current server to a brand new instance running the latest version of Teamspeak. With this update, we have also made a lot of changes.

So here is a list of the major ones:

- New channel structure with updated texts to take advantage of BB code changes

- Overhauled rank system. The higher ranks now have nametags as well.

- Completely new icon sets. Users can now assign icons to their channels as well.

- Added the player moderator and VIP ranks.

- A bunch of back-end changes to the UHX System bot.

- Network performance improvements (should equal to lower ping times)

- Integrations are now enabled on the server (Twitch is default).  

- User controllable music bot is coming soon.

- We will be making some bot commands available to users.


Here is some Q&A:

- My clan channel password got reset or the channel is not secured.

This is normal. Because there was a server migration to a brand new instance, we do not migrate the channel passwords for VIP and user channels. Users will need to set a new password and set up their channel permissions.

- How do bans work on the new instance?

All bans (except permanent bans) have been cleared from the server. All user reputation and strikes have been reset back to 0. However, the staff will be watching closely for users that break the rules. If you were banned by an external system ("bad user" database) or by our IDS, those bans will still be there as they are "lifetime".

- Is there a user interface or web panel for managing channels and the UHTS3P account?

We are working on it. There will be a post on it soon.


Fly safe!

~GM Orici


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